Concierge tagging service available!

Concierge tagging service available!

No time to tag? You can still minimize your kid clutter and make money with CONCIERGE TAGGING SERVICE (also called valet tagging). Learn more!

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What’s concierge tagging service (or valet tagging)?

Concierge tagging service makes a consignment sale the ultimate convenience! Instead of pricing and tagging your items yourself, you simply prepare them and drop them off for another mom to price, tag and style. The tagging mom will take the items to the sale.

  • The donating mom pays a $20 consignment fee to cover the extra coordinating
  • The donating mom gets 50% of the tag price and the tagging mom gets the rest of the consignor portion, so both moms benefit!

Who should use concierge tagging?

Anyone with a good amount of items to donate and very little time. It’s especially worth your while if you have a good amount of kids gear or a lot of clothes (or both!).

How do I sign up for concierge tagging?

Whether you want to tag or use the concierge tagging service, to our tagging website. Once you’ve logged in, go to the Consignor tab and click on the Join Concierge button. All you have to do is drop off your clean clothes/gear to your assigned tagger’s house before the sale!

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