Is a consignment sale better than a yard sale?

Is a consignment sale better than a yard sale?

No getting up early, no haggling, no posting your address everywhere, no haggling, no early birds and did we mention no haggling? Is a consignment sale better than a yard sale? You decide!

Is a consignment sale really better than a yard sale?

When you’re inundated with kid clutter, you have a few options. One is of course a yard sale. But is it worth it? Or is there something better than a yard sale?

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All you have to do is prep and price your items and bring them to the sale. We’ll take care of the rest. (Don’t want to donate? That’s great—just pick any unsold items up at the end of the sale!)

So what’s the catch?

Selling at a consignment sale is less work, definitely. Of course, that always comes with a price. Selling your things through a consignment sale means you keep up to 75% of the sales, less the consignment fee ($10 with KIDSmart).

Keep in mind that a consignment sale brings in tons more shoppers than any one yard sale, so you stand to sell a whole lot more. And nobody will badger you to sell your stuff for pennies on your already discounted dollar. Your prices are non-negotiable—and we’ll handle all the customers.

As far as advertising goes, you’ll probably still want to tell friends and neighbors about the consignment sale. But instead of posting signs, ads and Facebook statuses to say “COME AND BUY THE STUFF I DON’T WANT ANYMORE,” you’re sharing a message of how your friends can save up to 90% off retail prices on things they need. Now that’s better than a yard sale!

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