Shop early with pre-sales

Shop early with pre-sales

What is a pre-sale and why should I care? Read on to find out!

What is a pre-sale?

At a consignment sale, a pre-sale is an exclusive early shopping time. You’ll get access before everyone else, so you’ll get first pick of the thousands of amazing items!

Is this a big deal?

In a word: yes. As much as HALF the items at a consignment sale might be sold in pre-sales, so if you want the cream of the crop, shop early. Popular items—larger sizes of children’s clothing, outdoor toys, furniture, etc.—can even sell out during the pre-sale.

Okay, how do I get in?

At KIDSmart, the first people to shop are volunteers who sign up for two (or more!) shifts. Next, single shift volunteers get a crack at the goods. Then we have a time for our consignors to shop early. We also have pre-sales for:

Check the detailed schedule to find your pre-sale time! Note that you must register and receive your pre-sale pass to attend unless you’re a volunteer, consignor or military family.

You can also get pre-sale passes through giveaways and barter volunteering. Be sure to join our newsletter, and follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest) for previews of the sale and updates on giveaways!

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