What should I expect at a KIDSmart sale?

What should I expect at a KIDSmart sale?

Great question! KIDSmart is a consignment sale, so most of our items are gently used, but we have high standards of quality. We don’t accept items that are stained, worn out, missing pieces or broken, so it isn’t like pawing through that pile of ripped, yellowed onesies at a neighbor’s yard sale.

For a better idea of prices and selection, keep reading!

What are prices like?
Prices are set by the families consigning the items, so they vary. However, our prices start as low as a dollar—and often you’ll find outfits or sets that low! You can always find books and toys that are a dollar as well.

We try to keep up with trends in our area, so we’re always looking at apps like letgo and classifieds like KSL, and our consignors usually offer you a much better deal (especially since you can find everything in one place instead of driving all over the state!). Consignment works out better for the sellers, too, because they don’t have to coordinate with a dozen different buyers, have strangers at their house, advertise a yard sale, or deal with haggling, low-ball offers or no-shows.

For a better idea of prices, be sure to check out the next section, too!

What is the selection like?
We always have a ton of cute, quality kids’ clothes to choose from, at great prices! Typically, we’ll have more girls’ clothes than boys’, and we’ll have a lot of clothes from infant through the 2T/24months size. There’s still a lot to choose from in larger sizes, but the selection usually thins out a little past 4T or 5T. Prices range from $1 for infant sets to up to $20 for formal dresses, but are mostly under $5.

Also under clothing, we have coats, costumes, dance and sports wear, swimsuits, maternity clothes and juniors and women’s apparel, too!

Of course, the cutest items—especially special dresses and boys’ suits—tend to sell quickly, but you can always find something on the clothing rack!

Musical toys, teething rings, baby toys, light up and electronic toys, dolls, blocks, cars, stuffed animals and more come to every sale. Prices start at $1, and our high-end record was set by an amazing ride-on tractor/backhoe set for $50 (a fraction of its retail price!). Toys do sell quickly, so for the best selection, come early! Large items, such as play kitchens and ride-on toys, tend to sell early on, so if that’s on your list, be sure to shop as soon as you can!

Baby gear, from Boppies (nursing pillows) to blankets, from baby carriers to Bumbos, is well stocked at every sale. We can’t say for certain what exactly will show up, but we do usually have all of the above as well as tubs, décor, backpacks and bags, sports equipment and more! As with our other categories, the best stuff tends to go early! Prices vary a lot based on the items, but typically you’ll find baby carriers for anywhere from $1 (seriously) to $20, Boppies from $5 to $10, and baby tubs from $5 to $10, for example.

Big gear: strollers, swings, pack’n’plays & more
Time for the big guns: the big gear. We do our best to make sure that we have a selection of strollers, swings, high chairs, pack’n’plays, bouncers, and more at every sale, but these do tend to sell out, especially the pack’n’plays. Prices, again, vary, but some typical ranges: strollers—$20 to $40; swings—$15 to $35; high chairs—$20 to $35; pack’n’plays—$20 to $50; bouncers—$10 to $20. If that’s on your list, we recommend volunteering or signing up for a pre-sale (if you qualify!), or coming first thing when we open to the public.

Noticing a trend? Shop early for the best deals!

Still want to know what it’s like? Check out some awesome consignment hauls—or better yet, come see what it’s like yourself and join us at our next sale!

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