Win big with KIDSmart!

Win big with KIDSmart!

Who wants to look and feel FABULOUS? Don’t we all? From now until the sale closes on September 17, we’re running a contest with an AMAZING prize!!


contest logoThis doesn’t just make you feel amazing for a day or in five outfits. We’re talking about a program that helps you love and understand yourself better, relate to and motivate your children (and everybody else), AND look gorgeous–for the rest of your life. It’s an online course called Dressing Your Truth, but it’s also about understanding who you are. The full course is a $300 value, but it could be yours for free. (Already have DYT? If you win, we’d be happy to gift a course to a friend or send you a gift certificate for $150 to use at the DYT store!)


From now until the sale closes on September 17, 2016, you can enter a random drawing to win. Here are the entries:
1. Register as a consignor: 10 points
2. Respond as “going” to our Facebook event
(link in comments or on the sidebar): 5 points
3. Consign stuff!: 1 point per item brought to the sale
(officially checked in)
4. Share a photo of what you’re bringing to consign at the sale on here our page or in the event: 10 points
5. Refer a friend
(they must register to consign, put your name in the “Referred by” box and bring items to the sale): 20 points!

How can you help to refer a friend? Send them to our site (we recommend to explain what consignment is!) or Facebook page, invite them to the Facebook event, or tag them on our FB pag. These can’t count as entries (Facebook rules), but they’ll help you get the word out to refer your friends.

We’ll keep track of the points for you, just comment here or on the Facebook post to let us know you’re in! Each point will be one entry into the random drawing. Entries will close at the end of consignor drop off on September 13. The winner will be drawn AT RANDOM on September 23 (to give us time to tabulate the points, after we cut your consignor checks), and will be notified by email. The winner will also be posted on our Facebook page. Void where prohibited, etc.

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