5 tips to save money at a consignment sale

5 tips to save money at a consignment sale

My friends and family shop save a boatload of money by shopping at consignment sales across the country! How can you meet the same success? Here are five tips!

Know your sale.
When does your sale open to the general public? Most sales feature pre-sale times. You can get into these invitation only pre-sales by volunteering with the sale, consigning, being a first time mom and more. Pre-sales are THE BEST TIME to shop! Many sales, like KIDSmart, even reward people who volunteer more with the very first crack at the shopping.

Also know whether your sale offers any discount days/times. Often the last day or two of the sale has all items by participating consignors at half off or more! Some sales have pre-sale times for their discount days as well.

Know what you need.
Don’t be seduced by every good deal you see—because you’ll find waaay too many good deals! Come in knowing your kids’ sizes and what they need, whether that’s a complete wardrobe or one new winter coat. Don’t forget toys, books and other gear like strollers, car seats, cribs, beds, backpacks on your list!

Know your budget.
You can get a lot for your money at a consignment sale, but we don’t want you to suffer from buyer’s remorse because you spent all your food money for next month! Keep a running tally in your head, with a buffer for sales tax.

Get a sitter (or trade with another mom)
Maybe it’s just me, but I am SOOOO not the mom of that happy family up there. Even the shortest shopping trip with all five of my children usually turns into my personal nightmare. (Once, I had a stranger tell me I was her hero . . . I guess because I’d just told my 2-year-old to stop falling on purpose and all of them that this is why we never go out in public?) Add in TONS of people and merchandise and suuuper tempting toys and it’s a sure recipe for chaos. Children in arms a generally better behaved 😉 but make shopping a lot harder. Unless you’re way more buff than me. (You probably are, huh?)

GAME DAY: what to bring with you
Finally, think about the logistics of shopping: will you need your hands free? Do they offer shopping carts, or do they encourage you to bring your own laundry basket? Do you have a plan for getting that bed you need to buy home? Does the venue have drinks and snacks, or do they not allow outside food? How long do you have? Where is your list?

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