Barter volunteer opportunities

Barter volunteer opportunities

Our regular volunteer hours include some positions that require no lifting or remain seated. But if you’re looking for another way to rack up your time for the best pre-sale times, here are a few specialized barter volunteer opportunities we’re looking for.

  • Concierge taggers: Price, tag and style other sellers’ items, and you get to keep 20% of the sales of concierge tagged items (the one-shift volunteer rate)!
  • TV/Radio coverage: Do you know someone who reports at one of the major news or radio stations and can get us interviewed or on TV? This will earn you eight volunteer hours
  • Magazine/Newspaper coverage: Do you know someone who reports/writes for an area or regional magazine or newspaper and can get us some editorial coverage for our event? If so, this earns you eight volunteer hours.
  • Photographer/videographer: we are looking for someone who is already a professional-level photographer/videographer to help us capture our sale in images. The exact schedule is flexible, but will require visiting the sale different days and times to capture each of the phases of the sale. Please share your portfolio/website with us so we can verify that your style meshes with what we’re looking for!
  • Cooperative Advertising: If you have a website or publication with sufficient, targeted traffic (i.e., a good number of families in Utah County will see it), and allow KIDSmart to place a banner ad on your site or print ad in your publication, we will allow you to place an ad on our site for free or will exchange for volunteer hours.
  • Prime sign access: If you own a property (or rent and have permission to post signs) along a major thoroughfare in Utah County, we need you! Anything from I-15 to 800 N Orem will help if you’re willing to let us post a light, all-weather corrugated sign (on provided posts or zip-tied to a fence) for a couple of months in the spring and the same in the fall, you’ll earn four volunteer hours per event.
  • Professional printing: If you work somewhere where you can print 22×28 b&w or color posters and would do so as a barter for volunteer status, please contact us for more details!

  • Community service: If you can organize a group of youth or students who might need community service hours to come and sort unsold clothing items and break down our racks on Saturday, from 2 pm till 6 pm, then you will earn hours toward volunteer pre-sale privileges. We are always happy to sign any volunteer paperwork for the service hours completed at our event.
  • Infant, children’s & moms’ nurses/office staff: If you work at a hospital, doctor or dentist’s office (or any other type of office for that matter) that caters to infants, children or pregnant/nursing mothers, you have the opportunity to earn pre-sale passes by posting our poster and giving out handouts. Contact us for the handout, and give out at least 100 to qualify for four volunteer hours.

To sign up to barter volunteer, email us at contact [at]!

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