Use KIDSmart for your fundraiser in Utah Valley!

Use KIDSmart for your fundraiser in Utah Valley!

Looking to raise money for your Boy Scout Troop, Girls’ Camp, school, band or other cause? Come to KIDSmart to make your fundraiser in Utah County more profitable and easier than ever!

Boy Scout fundraiser? Band fundraiser? School? Girls’ Camp? Come to KIDSmart!

Whether you need to raise money for Scouts, school, PTA or just a good cause, KIDSmart can help. Instead of the old standby of running your own yard sale, with all the promotion and work involved, come to KIDSmart and make it easier on everyone.

What do we have to do?

It’s simple:
First, sign up as a consignor—contact us and we’ll give you up to 50% off your consignor fee!

Then just follow these easy steps:
infographic how to tag for utah county fundraiser
First, prep the items. Hopefully, they’ll be delivered to you in saleable condition, but make sure there aren’t any rips, stains, wrinkles, or broken or missing vital parts.

Second, sort them by gender, size (for clothes and shoes) and department. This makes tagging and dropoff faster. Third, enter the tags online. Be sure to mark your items to donate after the sale! Then print off your tags. Fourth, hang up clothes items on hangers (with the hook facing like a ? from the front) and style them to make them look their cutest. Bag up sets of shoes, socks or toys, tape removable parts onto the main body of a playset, attach the manual or hardware—secure whatever you need for the best display! Finally, bring your items to the drop off day.

The prep work is pretty similar to a yard sale, but then you get to drop off your items and walk away. You’re done. You don’t have to deal with hagglers. You don’t have to post someone’s address over every square inch of the Internet. You don’t have to put up signs, banners and balloons (unless you want volunteer credit!). No hauling stuff to DI. And you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn—or try to roust your kids and teens before sunrise, either!

How can we make KIDSmart the best fundraiser?

To maximize your fundraiser profit—and keep your Scouts/girls/students involved—be sure to have volunteer! This not only makes your youth more invested in their fundraiser, but also increases the percentage you earned. Fundraisers enjoy special rates on their consignment sales, so be sure to contact us if you need a Boy Scout fundraiser!!

Another great way to make KIDSmart the best fundraiser for your organization is to help get the word out. Encourage parents or members to shop and spread the word about the sale before and during the week of the sale. The more shoppers we have, the more money you’ll make!

Featured photo by Steven De Polo via Flickr/CC

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