Why consignment?

Why consignment?

Get deals, make money, less work–what more do you want to know?

Oh, you do want to know more? Okay!

You could always throw away or donate your used kids clothes or hold a yard sale, just like you can easily shop yard sales, thrift shops and secondhand children’s stores. But a seasonal children’s consignment sale is usually better for both shoppers and sellers!

Shoppers benefit from a more convenient experience (and save tons of money over shopping new!):

  • More inventory and more child-focused inventory than general thrift and consignment stores
  • Better quality, better and more targeted inventory, and more convenient than yard sales
  • Better prices and inventory than secondhand stores

infographic better than yardsales shareConsignors benefit from

  • Better profits than donating to thrift stores (with tax benefits still available from donating unsold items)
  • Better revenue split than most consignment stores
  • SOOO much easier, more profitable and better than yard sales: just tag and drop off your items, and let us do the heavy lifting!
  • Better profit than selling to secondhand stores

Check out our next consignment sale and see for yourself! We’re sure you’ll be hooked!

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